Triowrap loop taking over the Nordic market

You know that we are very convinced of our products with recycled content.

Want to know how much?

This much:

Together with our partners in Sweden, Norway and Denmark we want to turn over the bale wrap market from virgin to recycled based material. This will be done in three steps. The first one will be, that from next season on the regular 25µ Triowrap will be replaced completely by our “Original with Circularity”, making Triowrap loop the new standard!

But eventually, we will have a full-range portfolio of recycled bale wrap in 2025! Triowrap plus 1900 and TrioBaleCompressor with recycled content have already been available for the last season with thoroughly positive feedback, and for 2023 we can also offer Triowrap plus 2100 as a loop version, that has performed extremely well during field testing this year.

What makes our loop products so special is that they contain minimum 30% PCR material, which comes from used agricultural films. So this really enables the loop in baled silage and also decreases the carbon footprint significantly by approx. 30%.

All products in our Triowrap loop range have been tried and tested in field under various weather conditions, on different machines and have convinced farmers worldwide, so we are really safe to say, that all our products based on recycled material offer the same performance as those based on fossil raw material.

Thanks to our long-term partners, the cooperatives Lantmännen in Sweden, Felleskjöpet in Norway and Hornsyld Købmandsgaard in Denmark, who know our products for decades and are confident to take this progressive step with us!

If you want to learn more about Triowrap loop, click here.

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