Triowrap plus®

 Makes you more efficent!

Less material usage per bale – Saving both cost and environment

Proven with low silage losses – DM losses down to 1%!*

PlusTech film – Goes thinner but with same or better performance than 25μ

More meter per reel – Increased output per day

Up to 43% reduced carbon footprint**

*Test by Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU) 2016
*LCA modeled in SimaPro using data from the ecoinvent inventory
database. Reduction in impact when comparing loop version of Triowrap 19 µ
plus loop version to Triowrap 25µ

Triowrap plus is the new generation of balewrap. We have now taken the usage of material to the next level with our unique technology platform PlusTech to create a thinner film but with the same performance as a 25 micron premium film. This has also been confirmed by one of the leading testing institutes for agricultural equipment, the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, who has performed professional tests on Triowrap plus for several years. Our special technology as well with our unique recipe that are based on high quality raw materials enables you to work more efficiently when wrapping bales and save valuable time! With the same amount of reels stored on your wrapper you will have a significantly higher running meter count and thus you can wrap more bales without refilling your film supply. On top of that less waste is generated, which reduces the environmental impact and disposal costs.

Try our TrioBaleCompressor loop option, based on 30% PCR (post-consumer recylcled material), which decreases the carbon footprint by up to 43%!*


If you want to learn more about our loop process, click here.

All our products with PCR are certified by RecyClass. You can find the certificate here. 

*LCA modeled in SimaPro using data from the ecoinvent inventory database. Reduction in impact when comparing Triowrap plus 21/19µ loop version to Triowrap 25µ, cradle-to-gate.

PlusTech – The unique technology for a perfect premium plus film

The very smooth surface combined with the good air tightness and the exellent adhesion of the inside are the fundamental requirements for a perfect silage quality! This ingenious system enables:

  • Excellent tear strength
  • Minimal air permeability
  • Extremely smooth bale surface
  • Very good adhesion
  • Minimized disposal costs due to a thinner and more efficient film
  • Best price performance ratio
  • For round and square bales

More Bales – Less Work

Triowrap plus 1900 RS • Triowrap plus 2400 RS

Round and Square bales – All sizes!

With 1900 m film per reel Triowrap plus offers, compared to a standard film, 27% more! With the higher range you can wrap more bales with less reel changes! The result is not only economic due to less film consumption and lower transport costs, It also saves valuable time and increases the efficiency during the daily work. With less reel changes it is also a more comfortable work environment for the driver in terms of less down time and less jumps in and out of the tractor. For further efficiency our Triowrap plus 2400 is a good choice, with this you get the highest efficiency for Square bales in the market!

Our 1900 m film has also the charity colors, for more information follow link: Charity

Triowrap plus RS is also available with 30% recycled material!

Triowrap plus 2100 R • Triowrap plus 2600 R

Round bales

2100 m film per reel enable you to wrap up to 40% more bales! This gives a better reach in the field and a possibility to make more bales with less reel changes. If you are satisfied with our Triowrap plus 2100, then try Triowrap plus 2600, to bring efficiency on the field to the highest level! In this product we have increased running meter count, a new packaging and our PlusTech system, to achieve the highest performance for you! Using a Combi baler-wrapper storage room for 10 reels, for example, you can increase your performance by 73%! Having 26,000 meter film instead of 15,000 meter.


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