Season is here!

Well at least it’s very close 😊

Now is the last chance to have everything ready for the first cut.

Is your machine ready to go? All maintenance done? Maybe do a last check up of knifes, pre-stretching units, bearings etc.

This will help massively to secure a trouble-free season and prevent film breakage leading to frequent stops during hectic harvest season. We’re sure you got this, but if you’d like to get some input, you can check out our social media channels:

Here we regularly post some machine advice from our technical support as for example this one:

Also, do you already have your bale wrap in place for the season?

If not, why not take the chance to step up in efficiency level when producing silage? Our bale wrap guide gives a quick and easy overview, which Triowrap product will be the best solution for your machine and individual needs. It is regularly checked by our technicians to make sure it’s up to date and covers also new machine developments. Why not give it a try?

If you need any additional help with your machine set up, how a different film works in your machine or the wrapping performance of Triowrap, feel free to reach out to us.


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