Five million bales wrapped with Triowrap loop

Maybe you remember that we launched the first ever Post-Consumer Recyclates (PCR) based bale wrap in Agritechnica 2019: Our Triowrap loop. Looking back on the seasons since then, now more than five million bales have been successfully wrapped in our high-performance bale wrap made of recycled content. In the meantime, of course development didn’t stop so that now, we can look on a full assortment of Triowrap loop products, that have all been tried and tested in field.

We believe that this is the bale wrap of the future. The performance is just as we want it. Silage quality and wrapping performance have proven to be on equal level as with our Triowrap products that do not contain PCR. The fact that until now, more than five million bales have been successfully wrapped with our Triowrap loop range is just additional proof that it really does work.

What started with the 25 µm Triowrap loop has in the last years grown to a full assortment of PCR based products. All Triowrap products, that contain recycled material, are based on post-consumer recycled material, are certified by RecyClass and have been used and evaluated by farmers and contractors all around the world. Many years of research and development together with field tests have made it possible for us to be the first producer to offer options with recycled content for a full bale wrap assortment. What makes this so unique is, that this also includes the more efficient high-tech products Triowrap plus 21 or 19 µm as well as the TrioBaleCompressor net replacement films

What makes our recycled bale wrap extra exceptional is that it is produced from used bale wrap that has been collected and recycled into new high-performance PCR film.

We operate three recycling plants in Europe and produces high-performance regranulates from the collected, used bale wrap in their own process, which ensures stable quality and performance. It is a rare and high-tech process to recycle used products into the same level of performance in new products. (Learn more about the recycling process)

This solution to recycle used bale wrap into new bale wrap does not only encourage the collection after use but also enables a true circularity which decreases the climate impact significantly. Depending on the product it is now possible to reduce the carbon footprint by up to 50%* when switching to an alternative with less material usage and post-consumer recycled content.

We are very happy that farmers and contractors have understood the value of this new way of making silage more sustainable and are looking forward to seeing many more loop bales during the upcoming season and achieving the goal of having 30% PCR in all our products by 2025.

* LCA modeled in 2023 in SimaPro, using data from the ecoinvent inventory database. Reduced climate impact when comparing> TrioBaleCompressor 16 µm with​​ 30% PCR with TrioBaleCompressor 20 µm 100% new raw material, cradle-to-gate. Produced in Sweden.

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