Bale wrap news 2024

While waiting for the grass to start growing, here’s the news for 2024!

We continue our journey to make baling prepared for the future! With us you will not only find the most effective and proven products of silage quality. Our products also offer an easy way to reduce your carbon footprint by integrating recycled content (PCR) – all without compromising performance and quality, of course.

Bale plastic of the future & efficient packaging

5 million bales made with Triowrap loop

It's not to brag when we say that our recycled bale wrap works just as well as our regular premium films. We can give you 5 million examples now that prove it, because this many bales have already been successfully made with our loop film. Why not give it a try, too?
Not quite convinced yet?
See below what people think about it.

Reduce packaging waste

Our sleeve has become more and more popular. The patented packaging not only offers the unique ability to protect the reel until it is used, but also greatly reduces waste in field and is recyclable. If you want to save even more waste and time, check out our Contractorwrap packaging.

Ready for the future

For the 2024 season, we can offer an even wider range of our premium products with recycled content, which means that now also our more efficient products are available with PCR. In fact, we have now managed to make all our products available with recycled content, so there are no limits if you want to be ready for the future already now.

Charity goes loop!

The colorful baling plastic has been part of our range for many years now and will also be available for the coming season – but from now on the pink, blue and yellow film will also be available with recycled material! In this way, you raise awareness and money for breast cancer, prostate cancer and childhood cancer, produce high-quality feed and at the same time you can reduce your carbon footprint without any extra effort.
If this isn’t a win-win-win situation, we don’t know what is!
Want to learn more about the charity film?

A yellow bale, a pink bale and a blue bale
"You can save plastic and have recycled material in it at the same time. That's just fantastic!"
Carl Johan Bertilsson
Swedish farmer
"It feels good to take a step forward for the climate with recycled plastic, especially when it works as well as it does."
Andreas Neass
Norwegian contractor

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